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Outstanding Driveway Excavation Services

Whether you need a damaged portion of your driveway removed or want to install a new one, driveway excavation is an essential first step. Spartan Paving & Concrete has years of experience providing driveway excavations to Spartanburg and Greenville County residents. Our crews are experienced in excavation, removal of material, regrading, and repaving efficiently. As a locally-owned and -operated company, we are firmly invested in our communities. We take pride in completing projects that result in fully satisfied customers, whether it’s a small asphalt walkway running from your driveway to your back door or it’s a large circular driveway you’re adding to the front of your residence.

large spartan paving and concrete truck ready to excavate

Our Experience Excavating Driveways is Critical

Our excavation skills come in handy for a variety of projects. For instance, we can repair isolated damaged areas without removing the entire surface of your driveway by performing a targeted excavation process and replacing the damaged surface with a new one. But excavation also comes in handy when we perform new driveway installation projects. Homeowners hoping to switch from an asphalt driveway to a concrete replacement will appreciate our excavation services and our commitment to making sure we perform all steps in the process carefully. For instance, after an excavation, a base may be compromised and require stabilizing materials such as stone before installation proceeds. Our crew understands the importance of a secure, stable base and how to achieve it. Our goal is a completed project that satisfies the customer and lasts a long time.

We Can Install Drainage Systems After Excavations

An additional service related to driveway installation that we offer is installing drainage systems to manage an existing water flow or drainage issue that is causing driveway deterioration. If you know that you have water runoff issues on your property, it is crucial to let us know up front so that we can advise you of options for better managing the water runoff. We can’t help address a water problem if we don’t know it’s there. Often a simple French drain or box drain with piping will efficiently divert excess water away from the affected concrete or asphalt area.

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